Canadian Association for Independent Clinical Research

L'association Canadienne pour la recherche clinique independante

Founding Members


ADA Medical Ltd. is a Research Partnership Group made of research professionals dedicated to the successful implementation and completion of clinical research projects for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. We specialize in trial management and support for hospital based as well as outpatient Phase II through Phase IV Clinical Trials.


Algorithme Pharma is a full service provider focused on early stage clinical research. With over 20 years’ experience, successfully completing over 200 clinical trials annually. Our support services include large and small molecule Bioanalysis, Data Management, Biostatistics, Regulatory Support, Clinical Pharmacology and Project Management. 
BioPharma Services Inc. is a physician-owned, physician-run, FDA-inspected, UK MHRA-inspected, and Health Canada-inspected Canadian Contract Research Organization (CRO) which specializes in the conduct of Bioequivalence (BE) Studies and Phase I/IIa clinical trials and bioanalysis for innovative pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies and for submission to the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. 

In 2006, a collaboration between Avril McKenna-Norton, Clinical Research Niagara, an independent research professional experienced as a coordinator lead with clinic based trials since 1995 and the Niagara Research Group physicians, an investigator team in hospital based studies. Together they have worked out of their home base of St. Catharine’s , Ontario and with the Niagara Health System Hospitals and physicians  worked to merge a successful investigative site and bring more diverse clinical trials to not only to area hospitals but to expand to other areas of the Niagara Region  therefore expanding the range of both patient populations and physician investigators interested in research.

Dermatrials Research Inc. is located within a group/private practice setting of two full-time Royal College Certified Dermatologists. The principal investigator is Honorary Staff at a McMaster University Teaching Hospital, however, none of the trials are conducted at the hospital site and all take place at the private practice site. Dermatrials was established in 2000. We meet the International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use guidelines (ICH) and follow the Good Clinical Practice guidelines (GCP) as well. We also meet US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Canada’s Health Protection and Food Branch (HPFB) standards. We have a computerized patient database for efficient patient sorting and identification.

IRB Services is a service-driven organization dedicated to excellence in human research participant protection, committed to providing efficient customer-oriented services to research sponsors/CROs. We partner with sponsors, researchers and participants to advocate for and promote scientifically and ethically sound research. We cultivate a culture of conscience both within our organization and all organizations with which we interact.

Inflamax is a full service Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in Proof of Concept as well as Phase I through IV studies in allergy, asthma, ocular and dermatology utilizing EEC technology. Inflamax conducts single and multi-center Environmental Exposure Chamber (EEC) and field studies. In addition to Inflamax Research’s Mobile EECTM systems which can be positioned globally, Inflamax has 2 fixed EECs at Inflamax headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Inflamax’s EECs have been validated for study of allergy to ragweed, grass, cat and dust mite, as well as dry eye syndrome (utilizing low humidity EEC conditions).

KGK offers a wide range of services from preclinical studies right through to clinical trials. Our in-house labs and clinic - combined with our location in a leading scientific and medical research centre - ensures you receive the timely and, more importantly, conclusive results you need to move forward. We bring an exceptional level of understanding, service and commitment to contract research. Whether it's working from an existing method, or providing design services for a new study tailored to meet specific objectives, the process is always collaborative to ensure client satisfaction every step of the way. Our contract research services include preclinical/in vitro studies, clinical trials, medical writing/data analysis, and research consultation services.

LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology is a network of specialized clinics providing complete care in Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism. LMC’s clinical network is comprised of 30 Endocrinologists in 9 Healthcare Centres of Excellence, in 3 provinces (Ontario, Alberta and Quebec).  LMC is an industry leader, providing Phase I-IV clinical trial services with a focus in diabetes, metabolic, cardiovascular disease and obesity. LMC has the ability to achieve First Patient First Visit and exceed enrollment targets, while maintaining high standards of quality.

Manna Research is a national group of industry leading independent clinical research centers. Our sites are located in Québec City, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. For over 16 years, Manna Research has specialized in conducting Phase IIa - Phase IIIb clinical trials in compliance with FDA, Health Canada, and ICH/GCP standards.

Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. (NDI) is a contract research organization and regulatory consulting firm specializing in regulatory consulting, product testing, clinical trials and human diagnostic tests. We help natural health and pharmaceutical companies successfully bring products from concept to claim and market launch through cost-effective research, regulatory and testing strategies.

Pharmaceutical Integrated Research Corporation  (PIRC) is one of Canada’s fast growing research management organizations at Hospital based sites and at Community based sites. Further growth and opportunities are being leveraged through expansion into disciplines requiring research. Currently, PIRC has more than 70 active trial/site combinations at various stages. In addition, AIM is Canada’s leading provider of intravenous infusions, providing more than 26,000 infusions annually through its network of 37 clinical sites.

PRA is fully equipped to manage large-scale quantitative studies requiring advanced statistical procedures, as well as high-level, sensitive qualitative work. We offer a broad range of services to clients in industry, government, and the non-profit sector, at both the regional and national levels including Program evaluation and comprehensive audits, Market and opinion research, Economic analysis, PRA's Omnibus (Omnibus West and the Five City Omnibus), Organizational and strategic planning, Statistical analysis, Information services

Since 1995, Probity Medical Research (PMR) has been providing support for clinical research sites from our head office in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. During this time, PMR has grown and now has research facilities in Australia, Canada, and the United States. PMR is a clinical research company that trains and provides administrative support for clinical trial sites. Although PMR's first research site was a Dermatology site, its research sites now include Urology, Gynaecology, Rheumatology, Vaccines, Women's Health, and Oncology.
Q&T Research Sherbrooke specializes in conducting clinical research for the life science industry. We take pride in focussing on Quality of processes as well as meeting Time commitments, hence the name Q&T Research Sherbrooke. We have been committed to clinical trials since 1994 and are well equipped to comply with stringent requirements. We went through numerous audits and inspections, many with flying colors, including twenty-one corporate audits as well as an FDA audit and a Health Canada inspection.

Ronald Fehst Research Consultants

Topstone Research is a unique, multi-faceted business comprising of a contract research organization (CRO), clinical trial facility, and a medical clinic. Utilizing our expertise and experience, Topstone Research is committed and dedicated to the delivery of clinical trial and medical services of the highest standards to the biopharmaceutical and patient community. Our team of experienced research and healthcare professionals will deliver on our client's objectives and expectations. We do this through respect and understanding of our obligations to ethical, regulatory, and industry standards

Founded in 1996, Toronto Memory Program is a multidisciplinary, community based, medical facility specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. We have one of the largest clinical trial programs for Alzheimer’s disease in the country. Our program serves the interests of patients and stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally. Our medical director, Dr. Sharon Cohen, is a Canadian-trained neurologist specializing in behaviour and cognition and an internationally recognized expert in this field. Toronto Memory Program has taken part in over 80 international dementia research trials ranging from Phase I to Phase III. Clinical research allows for careful evaluation of new treatments designed to improve symptoms and/or alter the course of Alzheimer’s disease. We provide every eligible patient with opportunities to participate in research thereby allowing them to contribute to scientific knowledge and advances in the field. Patients regularly benefit from participation in research.

Trial Management Group Inc. (TMG) is Canada’s leading clinical investigator network with the largest number of high-performing primary care investigators across the country. Our experienced investigators are trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and have successfully completed hundreds of Phase II-IV trials across multiple therapeutic areas.