Canadian Association for Independent Clinical Research

L'association Canadienne pour la recherche clinique independante

Jack Corman, BSc, BEd, Founder and President, CAICR

Jack Corman was a senior executive in the pharma industry for over a decade before founding Institutional Review Board Services (IRBS) in 1993. IRBS has reviewed thousands of clinical studies in all phases, particularly Phase 1, as well as non- clinical community based research with humans, in North America and abroad. Mr. Corman was an expert witness on clinical trials before the Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, which issued its report on Clinical Trials Infrastructure in Canada in November 2012. He is a voting member, Health Canada sponsored Committee to Establish a National Canadian Standard for Biomedical REBs, and served as voting Member on the Experts Committee on Human Participant Protection in Canada. He is participating with the Canadian Institutes for Health Research Clinical Trials Ontario on streamlining of multicenter ethics review in Canada. He also is a former Executive Member, US Consortium of Independent Review Boards (CIRB). In addition, Mr. Corman is a Member of the Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards Canadian Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, the Drug Information Association (DIA), and the Canadian Business Ethics Research Network. 

Ron Fehst, Secretary

Currently President of Ronald Fehst Research Consultants (established Dec 2007) . Clients are involved in all aspects of clinical research. Prior to which he worked at Eli Lilly Canada in various roles for 33 years. Most recently Mr. Rehst was Sr. Regional Research Manager with Lilly as part of the Research and Development Management team for over 15 years, he was actively involved in bringing all phases of research to Canada. He has extensive experiences in managing research projects, site selection, budget negotiations and overseeing monitoring activities. He worked closely with CRO’s , ARO’s and SMO’s to develop and successfully complete multinational trials which has provided him with insight into managing successful collaborations to achieve results. At Lilly and as a consultant Mr. Fehst continues to closely follow developments in clinical drug development. Since joining Lilly in 1974, Mr. Fehst has worked in a variety of roles prior to moving into clinical research assignments in 1981. He was the first Canadian monitor and developed and managed the monitoring team in Canada prior to moving into senior management. Mr. Fehst was a member of the OICR Industry Advisory Panel from its inception until he retired in Dec 2007, and was co founder of an Ad-Hoc Industry group looking at research related issues. He also participated as a member of U of T. Ad Hoc Industry Advisory Panel looking at common issues around research ethics review. Mr. Fehst is also currently a member of the GCSB Committee on Research Ethics Boards. He attended Ryerson University prior to joining the industry.

Stephen Garland, Treasurer

Stephen Garland's passion for clinical research started in 2004 working with the AIM Health Group research division - Pharmaceutical Integrated Research Corporation.  Stephen and two colleagues were instrumental in setting up - the first in Canada - corporately owned multi-site network of over 15 medical clinics across Canada conducting phase 2 & 3 clinical research.  Within three years, the network grew to over 30 sites of both "owned" clinics and associate clinics conducting studies on over 800 patients per year.  Over the years, many milestones and successes were achieved - four (4) studies - #1 global top enrolling site; twenty-one (21) studies - #1 Canadian top enrolling site; successful FDA audit and two Health Canada audits (due to high enrollment - NOT for cause).  In addition, Stephen has shared his expertise and experiences as an invited guest speaker to numerous Canadian/US events - including SOCRA Annual Conferences, Canadian SOCRA educational events and CRAC meetings.  Stephen is working for the Katz Group - owner of Rexall Pharmacy and continues his support of the industry within Rexall, within the Association (CAICR/ACRCI), within SOCRA and during his normal course of business working with Physicians Canada wide.